Farming Environment

“The Oyster Haruka” is cultured in a remote island of Japan

“Haruka” is cultured in Ama-cho, a small remote island on Sea of Japan. The pure and clear ocean and fresh air far away from human business culture Haruka in a slow manner.


The open sea has strong tides, which lowers the water temperature. The population of plankton, which is the food of oysters, is very small in such an environment.


Although it seems not a good condition to fatten oysters, this environment reduces risks of food poisoning, which is caused by oysters that are cultured in contaminated ocean by human sewage and have consumed human viruses.


Safety comes first. Our most important mission is to deliver safe oysters to our customers.

To improve the quality of “Haruka”

Culturing doesn’t go by the book. Unlike other oysters, Haruka is cultured in a remote island. To culture oysters with rich flavor and beautiful appearance under the environment where the plankton population is small, we have been trying various methods.

“Haruka” is a new brand. We don’t have a tradition to follow, but instead we are open to any possible method to improve quality of our products. For oysters to develop more beautiful shells, we have been using a method to attach each oyster to ropes using Kaidelight®, which is a cement-based adhesive invented specifically for oyster farming since 2014 instead of usual hanging method.

We have employed a nursery method using softwood, which is used in France where oyster-farming technology is more advanced since 2014, and now we have acquired “trail” method, which we have uniquely developed. To add even more value on our products, we have started “single seed farming”.

Certified as “Oishimane”

“Oishimane” (Oishi, a Japanese word for “tasty”, +Shimane prefecture) is a certification given by the governor of Shimane prefecture to producers of “safe and tasty” products.

The third-party institution carefully reviews safe, high quality, and uniquely local products. Based on the review, the certification is given by the governor.

“Haruka” is certified as “Oishimane”. The product is reviewed every four years to keep the certification, which help us maintain safety and quality of our products.

To produce world-class premium oysters

Each oyster is brushed up by professionals before shipment.

Manual work and the optimized method together create oysters with rich flavor, safe and great quality, and beautiful shells.

“Haruka” is a world-class premium oyster brand that we proudly offer.